Heading South this winter?  Take an inflatable table with you and bring the party to the resort!  - It lays flat on the bottom of carry on luggage!

Bring a great activity to the pool or cottage party and you'll be an instant champ!!!  - Not just for the drinking crowd, it's a great family game, play with juice or water. - Kids love it!

Inflatable 6’ x 3’ Beer Pong Raft.  Perfect for pools or shallow lakes.  When not in use for Pong, make use of that perfect 'cup holder' and work on that perfect tan, without worrying about your drink!!! Float around in perfect comfort and convenience.





Beer Pong Tables are awesome!

Just ask anyone who has one! - always brings added fun to any event.

Bring a great activity to the party, get a game that you can take with and enjoy everywhere you go, with people of all ages! Makes a great utility table for campers and cottagers. - Throw a table cloth over it (or not) and, 'Viola!', you have useable extra table/counter space.

Canadian Pong tables are a quality product.  The table is constructed with 21 pounds of aluminum and is top coated to make your playing surface water resistant and easy to clean.  The table folds out to 8' x 2' x 28” high and folds down to 2' x 2' x 5” for easy transport.   You can easily take it anywhere and it packs up small for tucking away when not in use.  A handle is included for easy carrying.

Pong is a great game!  Show up to your next social event and set it up!  - You may be surprised who steps up to sink a few cups.



BASIC PONG PACK - Currently out of stock.


22 Solo Cups and 3 Balls

PARTY PONG PACK - Currently out of stock


22 Solo Cups, 3 balls, Clear Pitcher, 6 mini solo shot cups, liquor bottle pourer

SHOT PONG PACK - Currently out of stock


22 Solo Cups, 4 Shot Cups 3 Balls and two bottle pourers