Beer Pong Rules

Standard 6 Cup

Materials Required:
(1) - Canadian Beer Pong Table
(2) - Playing Cups
(3) - Pong Ball
(4) - Cleaning Cups

Standard Setup
For teams of two playing, set up ten cups per side in the outline on the table. The flat end of the triangle should be aligned against the end of the table. For single player game, the triangle consists of six cups. The cups are filled to one-third with your choice of beverage. The cleanliness of your balls is an important factor in pong. Place a cup with water onto the maple leaf circle. This is used to clean your balls between shots. These specific cups are exempt from the game rules.

1. Starting
Flip a coin and get on with it.

2. Taking Turns
Each player on the team gets one shot per round. If your team sinks both balls in one round, you get one ball back for a bonus shot.

3. Shots
The ball can be thrown or bounced into the cup. The shooter's elbow is not allowed to cross the plane/edge of the end of the table. At no time is any part of the player allowed to touch the table or the cups.

4. Sinking Cups
It's a sign the cup is sunk when your ball is wet. If a ball is spinning in the cup and hasn't touched the contents yet, you may attempt to blow it out before it touches the cups contents. You do take the chance however of blowing the ball out of one, but into another cup. If this happens, both cups are considered sunk. Team members must take turns drinking the contents.

5. Re-Racking
In doubles, each team is entitled to two re-racks, single players get one per game. This cannot be done in the middle of a term. You can ask for a re-rack before you start your teams throw. You decide the formation for your cups on a re-rack.

6. Technical Points
If a ball is thrown, misses the cups and bounces off something, (including a player), and back into a cup, that is considered a live ball and the contents must be drank by the cup owner. If a player is holding a beverage in his hand and a ball bounces into it, the cup holder must then empty that cup. You are allowed to distract/taunt the other team however you lose your own cup if you touch the table, any cups or your opponents' ball.

7. The End
The last cup being hit does not necessarily mean the immediate end of the game. Redemption may kick in.

If your team sinks your opponents last cup, they get an opportunity to throw one of their two balls in attempt to sink it and keep the game alive.

If they sink the ball, that cancels out your sunk ball and the game continues.

If they miss, it's game over.

Losing team is responsible for emptying every remaining cup on the table.

Remember, Only Losers Swallow!!