April 30, 2018

Pong tournaments

A big shout out to the team at http://iheartbeer.ca/ for setting up and running some awesome craft beer festivals over the past number of months!  Canadian Pong has had an opportunity to take part at the festivals and bring the game of Beer Pong to larger audience.  It's awesome to see who winds up sinking cups, people you never thought get involved and have a blast.  We use water in the cups, the focus is introducing a fun game and promoting responsible drinking.  - No different than shooting pool or throwing darts.   At the last 4 events we've set up a tournament and everyone that's played has had a blast!  Check us out @Canadianpong to see pics from the events.  Be sure to like us to get notified of upcoming tournaments in your area!!!   Please contact us  if you're interested in running a tournament and/or would like to make Pong a part of your event!